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Greetings my sisters and brothers and welcome to the sanctuary of Sacred Crowns. This natural hair service salon located inside SolaSalons, is dedicated to providing upscale holistic services in a unique relaxed non-chemical environment. The Owner and Master Loctician, Akilah Uwimana Hatchett-Fall, focuses on the process of beautifying oneself from the inside out using mind, body, and spiritual tools. This Sacred Crowns offering is known as “Holistic Beautification”.

Akilah Hatchett-Fall brought the Holistic Natural Hair Care industry to a higher level when she opened It was the first salon to address Holistic Beautification on the West coast from 1996-2007 and the only full service NATURAL hair salon on the West coast.K.I.N.K.S. International. Following that path, her legacy continues with Sacred Crowns. Akilah was inspired by the Adinkra priestesses’ hair symbol, Mpuannum is the name of a hair style in Ghana worn by priestesses. Mpuannum is representative of allegiance and professionalism associated with duty of spiritual position.Mpuannum (M-pu-an-num), the “five tufts” (of hair). This symbol adorns the philosophy of Sacred Crowns and is the hairstyle of “Joy”. It also represents the devotion and faithfulness one displays when doing a task required of one. This symbolizes the desired goal of Sacred Crowns.

Our Sanctuary’s Alter Of Offerings

Traditional African hairstyling and maintenance are a rite of passage at Sacred Crowns. We offer a full range of natural hair services.

Lock restoration
Afro Kinky twists
Brother twists
Grey camouflaging
Lock extensions
Holistic hair treatments
Sister twists
Basic Trims
Natural wet set styles
Lock installations
Holistic hair analysis
Highlights/tip color
Natural hair consultation
Lock maintenance
Human hair/natural fabric braids
Non-chemical full hair color
Shaping of Natural Hair
Holistic Beautification Coaching


Although Sacred Crowns primarily offers their clientele Natural Hair services, ultimately they assist the client in achieving “Holistic Beautification”. This experience includes, meditative reflection, energy work (Reiki), intuitive consultation and ancestral guidance and channeling while ensuring that your natural hair reflects the beautiful inner you.

Path for Holistic Beauty

Sacred Crowns is dedicated to ensure you make a higher peace with your natural hair while accepting your inner and outer radiance. Visit us and allow Sacred Crowns the opportunity to find the positive personal beauty you seek. Find the holistic rite of passage for you and your natural hair.

Sacred Crowns looks forward to visiting with you and is ready to take appointments and answer any holistic beautification questions you may have. Please complete the form below.

Seek Us Out

Akilah Uwimana Hatchett-Fall

Akilah is a Master Loctician (natural hair stylist), Cosmetologist, and a Holistic Beautification Community Educator for over 25 years. She has a wealth of experience from being a home based or bootleg braider for 10 years, the owner of K.I.N.K.S. International for over 11 years, and a 5 year salon cooperative renter.

In 1997 as being one of the licensed hair care providers and supporters of The sponsor (American Hairbraiders and Natural Haircare Association, which is also the sponsor of AB 132 (Migden), on the same subject contends that hair braiding should not be regulated for the following reasons: Hair braiding is as much a cultural tradition as a commercial enterprise; it is neither taught nor tested in the regulatory scheme that governs mainstream cosmetology practice; it is a non-invasive procedure that is unlikely to cause injury or foment consumer complaints.SB 235 legislation, her testimony supported an inclusion to allow bootleg braiders to perform home hair care services without a license. This was revolutionary legislation for the natural hair care industry. During her career, Akilah has also helped build salons for others while being an entrepreneur in her own right.

Now she makes Sacred Crowns her home and looks forward to providing her own form of holistic beautification awareness to the forefront of the natural hair care industry. Akilah understands that choosing not to perm or press our hair is a constant struggle with our personal concept of beauty and self-love and makes it a mission to change that perception.

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Find Peace With Your Hair … Namaste

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